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Specializing in Avian Art

Each wood sculpture by Walt Blackmore is unique. Walt completes extensive research  before he begins to carve in order to understand the subject.  All eyes on the avian sculptures are high quality Tohicken taxidermy eyes.  Walt paints each art piece with acrylic paints.  The final finish varies between the pieces.   Dimensions on the art are approximate.

If you don't see what you are looking for, Walt is willing to take commissions.   Because each art piece is different and because of the extensive research Walt conducts before beginning any piece, deadlines must be flexible.  For more information about commissions, please contact Walt at

Bohemian Waxwing
Walt completed this Bohemian Waxwing in 2010.  The bird is carved from tupelo.  The base is redwood and the leaves and branches are created from brass.  The red berries were individually formed

This sculpture is in a private collection.
Detail on Bohemian Waxwing Detail on Bohemian Waxwing Detail on Bohemian Waxwing
See the berry and the tongue. The waxwing has small red "beads" on his feathers This bird is related to the Cedar Waxwing

This Harris Hawk is a small male, life-sized bird.  Note the red (rust-colored) shoulder patches.  (Technically the patches are on the bird's wrist.)  It is carved from tupelo.  The rocks are basswood and placed on a maple burl base. 
Harris Hawk
approx. 24"

This golden eagle bust is a full-sized head.  The presentation draws your attention to the open mouth and tongue details.  When the piece is moved you see the gold highlights that attract attention at shows.  The bust is carved from tupelo and is placed on a redwood burl base. Golden Eagle Bust
  Golden Eagle Bust
approx. 12"

American Kestrel The American Kestrel is the smallest falcon.  This kestrel is carved full-scale.  He is mounted on a piece of California maple driftwood and placed on a walnut octagonal base.
American Kestrel
approx. 15"

This is a full-sized head of the great-horned owl.  The eye rings dominate this sculpture with the soft appearance.  This bird is carved from tupelo and is mounted on a walnut base. Great Horned Owl Bust
  Great Horned Owl Bust
approx. 12"

Prairie Falcon Two views of this full-sized prairie falcon show the detail that Walt includes in his carvings.  He is speaking through an open mouth.  This sculpture, including the rocks, are carved from tupelo.  The rough base is olive wood. Prairie Falcon alternate view
Prairie Falcon (closeup)   Prairie Falcon
approx. 16"

This bald eagle is a fifth scale bird perched on found wood.  He is carved from tupelo, painted with acrylics and standing proudly on a driftwood mount with a black walnut base. Fifth scale Bald Eagle
  Bald Eagle
approx. 20"

Saw whet owl This sleepy saw whet owl was the piece that Walt started with, although it wasn't finished for a few years.  In fact, every time Walt went to a seminar, this owl underwent changes.  This little bird is carved from tupelo and has a driftwood mount and a beautiful natural butternut base.
Saw whet owl
approx. 17"

Here are two views of this full-sized Gambel's quail and it's chick which is often seen in the deserts near Phoenix.  This sculpture is carved of tupelo.  The quail has pewter feet and is mounted on driftwood. Gambel's quail chick Gambel's quail
    Gambel's quail
approx. 14"

American goldfinch This bright male American goldfinch is carved from tupelo.  He is perched on a cedar branch which is placed on a stylized black walnut base.  This sculpture is in a private collection.
American goldfinch  

 The hummingbird is a very popular bird in Arizona.  This sculpture includes a prickly pear cactus and blossom.   This male was carved from basswood and is mounted on driftwood.  The base is desert sand on basswood.  It is in a private collection. Hummingbird

Eurasian collared dove The Eurasian collared dove is occasionally seen in Arizona.  This sculpture is from tupelo and the bird is standing  on a volcanic rock which is placed on a black walnut base. Eurasian collared dove
Eurasian collared dove   In private collectionIn PriIn

Wolf Head on Cane Walt carved a wolf head and a Gambel's Quail head which were placed on canes made of diamond willow branches.  The carved head pieces are butternut and the beautiful wood is visible. Gambel's Quail head on cane
In private collection   In private collection

Desk set with Turkey Vulture Quill Pen Feather closeup
  The desk set includes a tupelo wood feather, signet ring and "wax" although the wax drippings are epoxy.  Most observers assume the feather is real and many believe that the inkwell is glass.  From the base to the tip of the feather is approx. 13" Signet closeup

Hibiscus These two flowers are presented with found wood and placed on black walnut bases. Morning glory
approx. 10 1/2"
  Morning glory
approx. 9"

Feather Pins Each of these feather pins is original since each one is individually hand carved and painted.  Often someone will come up and ask "How did you get a pin on the back of a feather?"